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New special items - electric household appliances arrived !!!

New goods in huge numbers far below the original sales price.

Help youself as long as the stock lasts.

see the offers

Take note!

All prices include VAT (value added tax).

The offers are without engagement and subject to prior sale.

Please notice the poss. sales restrictions.

The delivered goods shall remain our property until complete payment of the purchase price.

Returning products will be sold without warranty or claim under guarantee .

We sell products to the trade only not to private persons !!!.

minimum order value: 500,- €

general terms and conditions of trade of GH Handels- & Werbeagentur

1. scope/ general terms and conditions

The following conditions are valid for all transactions, even if they are not referred to in later business transactions.
Any changes and complements to this contract require the written form or the written consent of GH Handels- & Werbeagentur.

2. prices

All offers of GH Handels- & Werbeagentur are non-binding and without obligation.
All quotations are net prices without the statutory value added tax and will apply from the delivery warehouse GH.
A contract is only concluded with and according to our written order confirmation or at the latest upon the acceptance of the delivered goods.
Price changes are reserved as far as reasonable.
Partial deliveries are independent deliveries in every respect. Cargo services will be billed separately unless otherwise agreed.

3. Supplies and services

Stated delivery times are not binding. In cases of force majeure, official measures or any other unforeseeable, unavoidable and serious circumstances which influence the settlement of the contract, the seller is entitled to suspend delivery for the duration or to withdraw from contract.
In case of such occurrences the delivery deadline is extended respectively, even if such events occur during a delay in delivery. The customers claim of compensation for damages due to breach of duty is excluded in cases of simple negligence. Upon delivery, the customer is obliged to immediately check the delivered goods for completness in accordance with the order.

4. Verification and transfer of risk

Defects must be reported immediately and in writing at the latest eight days after receipt of goods. For whatever reasons the liability of seller is limited to the amount of sales price.
A commenced processing/adaptation of goods means the waiver of claims for damages of any kind.
In case of the lack of a warrented property the purchaser can not claim damages for non-performance.
Each partial delivery is considered as an independent transaction. Even in cases of complaints the purchase price has to be payed, subject to a later settlement of the differences, within the agreed deadlines.
In the case of sales in accordance with samples or specimens the warranty for potential hidden defects is excluded. The supplied goods remain property of the seller until the full payment of the purchase price and settlement of all claims arising from the business relationship with the purchaser and GH Handels- & Werbeagentur.
the addition of individual claims do not cancle the reservation of proprietary rights. The purchaser may resell the goods subject to retention of title in the course of ordinary business transactions. The Purchaser assigns to the Seller as of now and in advance all claims arising for him from any resale of the goods subject to retention of title. The purchaser remains authorized to collect this claim even after the assignment. The right of the seller to demand payment remains unaffected, but obliges the seller to not demand payment as long as the purchaser fulfils the payment commitments properly.
The seller may demand disclosure of surrendered payments and their debtors including disclosure of all data necessary for collection as well as surrender of all corresponding documentation and notification to the debtors concerning the surrender. If the customer is in arrears GH Handels- & Werbeagentur is entitled to rescind the contract. In caes of withdrawal the retention of title comes into effect. Items that have been delivered for testing and demonstration purposes remain the property of GH Handels- & Werbeagentur.

5. warranty

Excluded from the warranty are defects and damage due to

* Operational wear and normal wear
* improper use
* Operating errors or negligence on the part of the customer
* operations with a wrong type of voltage or current, as well as connection to unsuitable power sources
* fire, lightning, explosion or net dependent overvoltages
* humidity of any origin
* wrong or lacking program, software and/or processing data

as well as any consumables, unless the customer can prove that these conditions are not the cause of the criticized defects. The warranty is not applicable, if the serial number, the type designation or similar marks have been altered, deleted, removed or made illegible.
The warranty period is two years from delivery of the goods. This period is a period of limitation and also applies for claims to replace consequential harm caused by a defect as far as no claims are exercised as a result of claims in tort.
Warranty claims are not transferable. Through the use of warranty from the customer the warranty period will not be extended.
Regardless of whether GH Handels- & Werbeagentur assigns further claims for warranties and guarantees of the manufacturer to the customer without any responsibility.
A repair or replacement will be accomplished upon consultation or after written agreement; the decision on the implementation takes GH Handels- & Werbeagentur.
Any items replaced will return to the possession of GH Handels- & Werbeagentur.
All additional costs of subsequent improvement or replacement deliveries, in particular transportation costs for spare parts, shall be borne by the customer provided that these additional costs are in relation to the order value. If the examination of a defect notice reveals that the purchaser is not entitled to any claims, GH Handels- & Werbeagentur is entitled to demand compensation for expenses that incurred.
GH Handels- & Werbeagentur charges the costs for inspection and repair currently in force of their valid service prices. All further or other claims of the purchaser are excluded irrespective of the legal basis unless these conditions give rise to a contrary result.

66. commercial rights of protection and copyrights of third parties

GH Handels- & Werbeagentur accept no liability for the infringement of industrial property rights or copyrights of third parties.
The customer has to inform GH Handels- & Werbeagentur immediately about all claims on this account asserted against him/her. This exemption from liability does not apply in case of the damage was caused by intent or gross negligence. The exemption from liability is also void, if the customer claims damages for non-performance because of the absence of a warranty of certain qualities including the risk of consequential loss.
The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany apply. The provisions of UN law do not apply.
If the customer is a merchant, legal entity under public law or a federal special fund under public law the exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising out of this contract shall be the location of GH Handels- & Werbeagentur registered office.
This also applies if the customer does not have a general place of jurisdiction in Germany or if his place of residence or usual abode is unknown at the time the proceedings are brought forth. If items delivered by us will be exported, the purchaser/client is responsible for the compliance with the particular national, European or US export laws. If any provisions of this contract including the general terms and conditions of trade should be or become void in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions is not affected by this.
The provision that is invalid in whole or in part shall be replaced by a provision that comes as close as possible to the commercial success of the invalid provision.

7. warning

Individual items contain small parts which can be swallowed bei children. Keep and install them out of reach of children.
In generell several parts of the products marketed can be produced with substances that are hazardous to health. It is important to take into account the relevant instruction manuals and operating instructions of the respective manufactures.
The purchaser/client is committed to install and put into operation the purchased products as intended and correct.

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